Need help merging duplicates - Council registrar unable to fix the issue

Please help merge the duplicate profiles for this Scout. She is multiple registered in our Troop, Crew, and Ship. When she registered for the Crew and Ship last December, it created a duplicate and our Council has been unable to resolve it. We need this fixed so we can ensure advancement is getting recorded properly. I can send a PM to someone if you need more info than this.

Blue Mountain Council, WA (604)

The correct original:
BSA ID: 137085890
SB User ID: 11543347

She correctly shows up in the Troop and Ship with this ID, but not the Crew. Her first name is misspelled in my.scouting and therefore in SB. If you can fix that along the way, it would be awesome. I can provide correct name and other details on a PM.

The duplicate is:
BSA ID: 13761959
SB User ID: 12288118
In SB, this duplicate appears in the Troop, but it does not appear in the Crew, even though it is the number she shows up in the crew roster on my.scouting.

Of note, a possible bug, we had a male Scout that showed up twice in the same Troop. Same member and SB ID numbers, but he showed up in his patrol and also showed up as unassigned to a patrol. In his membership in the Troop there was one membership showing in his patrol, but when he registered for the Crew and Ship, it also created a new membership for him in the Troop. By ending that second membership, it went back to only showing his profile twice. It was odd that SB would have a loophole that a youth could be assigned to a patrol and unassigned at the same time, showing him in two different places in the same Troop.

Thanks in advance.

@BryanBlair this is a council issue
137085890 FN is Maeke A
13761959 FN is Maekea

Council needs to merge all memberships to one name and one BSA # - We could fix name - but it really needs to be under one BSA #

Any other option since my registrar says he can’t fix it? I’m less worried about the name at the moment since I just put her correct name is as a nickname, so at least it appears correctly on SB displays and reports. I don’t know why even the duplicate isn’t showing a membership in the Crew since it shows on the my.scouting roster.

Well it is different BSA # so it has to be different SB accounts - that is the users.

This is the problem - and it is a simple fix for registrar - I would talk to Scout Executive if registrar thinks they cannot fix it, you are well connected in council.

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