MyScouting Registration

I’ve had several parents tell me that they are unable to register their youth through the website. Are there any current issues with the mobile application or desktop site? Thanks.

Do you mean beascout?

I believe so. I thought it took you to the my.scouting website.

I came to report a similar problem. A parent is trying to register as a den leader, but getting this error.

If you could provide that BSA member number, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

Many adults are missing important data fields, such as date of birth or zip code.

The adult BSA ID # 13757580

The adult’s middle name did not match between Akela and I have synced the data from Akela so it matches. Please ask the adult to try again.

@RobertBrodner Middle name and address was also missing in Scoutbook. I have synced the data into Scoutbook.

@JenniferOlinger @edavignon She still gets the same message.

@RobertBrodner She can try waiting overnight to see if the overnight sync fixes things, but your council might need to to send in a help ticket.

She tried again after about 30 minutes and it worked. Guess there was just a little delay. Thank you for all the help!