Youth Name Changed In Scoutbook

We have a youth whose name all of a sudden changed in Scoutbook. When you click on “Edit Profile”, and it takes you to Internet Advancement, their name is correct in Internet Advancement. How do we get their name corrected in Scoutbook?

Have you checked the nickname field (Internet Advancement)?

Preferred name field? There is nothing there.

What is the BSA # of the Scout

The BSA # is 14442383

@CarissaKrater I see a Nickname of Tracie in the system

In the “Preferred Name” field (Internet Advancemet), put the Scout’s name (or nickname) in that field and save changes. It should change back to the Scout’s name.

There should be no nickname.

Would I just enter the first name?

Yes, just enter the Scout’s first name.

Ok. I will try that.

That seems to have worked. Their first name is now showing as correct in Scoutbook. Thank you!

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