Parent/Adult Leader with Multiple IDs

I have and adult leader / parent with multiple BSA numbers.

His number as a Committee Member is 137560644
His number as a Lion Adult Partner number is 10731071

Can these be combined to 10731071? I am unable to add him to Scoutbook as a Committee Member. I get the following error when I try.

Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.

Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!

@MikePierson check these numbers again please - are these BSA #'s or are they User IDs

These are both BSA numbers.

OK these are fixed - positions should appear sometime this afternoon

Could we get these BSA numbers merged?
Primary 137177101

@GarrettGreen BSA member number 135621881 has been deleted, so they cannot be merged.

Is this leader having trouble logging in? He has Google sign in turned on, so he needs to log in with his Google name and Google password.

He could login to, but was having trouble logging into

He tried again and confirmed that he was using his Google login, but gets the attached error message.

He is advancement chair in addition to a parent. Could it be related to recharter processing?

@GarrettGreen this user is a Committee member - Access to advancements.scouting is for units is Key 3, Key 3+3, or Unit advancement Chair - all of those in

If the committee member is serving as Unit Advancement Chair, then one of the unit Key 3 could set them as such in The settings in Scoutbook do not propagate to IA2.

We will work on getting the role updated in But shouldn’t he still be able to login as the error message states? He is a parent.

It seems some setting changes yesterday - we are talking to developers

Hi. I have a parent with twin boys in Lions. Can you please merge his two BSA numbers so he can see both boys when he logs in? Thank you in advance!

1st scout#:13820536 with parent#: 137304763
2nd scout #:137304766 with parent#: 137304767

I have a parent with two accounts. He is prior Eagle scout and OA too. Don’t know if this matters or not.

He is also a registered assistant scoutmaster/committee member in our troop.

Account 1 he is able to log in with. It has his correct email ending 13114114 (This one has his photo he just added last night.)

Account 2 unable to log in with. Incorrect email ending is most likely the culprit. 112470531 (This BSA number is connected to his leadership position in our troop and YPT training)

Is there any way to merge these two accounts and not lose his membership, training, etc?

@EdenReagan fixed - BUT I bet one had the mothers email

@JeremyBracknell are you sure the wajl77 is wrong? that is the same as the user themself made their login?

@JeremyBracknell they are merged but the user needs to be using their user/password - user=(firstname)aji77

the second account is missing the a. in the email. He used Account 1 last night to add a picture so we would know which account he is logging into, but Account 2 has the BSA ID that we want because he is a leader.

@JeremyBracknell so does the email have the “a”

@JeremyBracknell self entered in my.scouting there is no “a”