Need help removing my rogue account and sb profile


I am a registered Cubmaster and have been using Scoutbook with my primary scouting profile for many years now. A few years ago I created a secondary Scoutbook profile using an alternate email address I have so I could use it to demonstrate how to use Scoutbook to new parents. That way they could see the view from a parent account and not my Pack Admin account. It seems that after the SSO migration I never got around to utilizing the secondary account again and now I am locked out of it. I attempted using a password recovery but the recovery system hangs at the point where I am supposed to answer security questions. My guess is that it is because I never set any for the account. I am wondering if someone can help to delete the account from and associated Scoutbook profile. The affected account would be using this Member ID:13390937. Let me know if you need any additional details. Thanks.

In case you ever need a Scoutbook Sandbox.

For a number of reasons, the BSA has been eliminating “rogue” accounts. Please use the sandbox instead.

Yes, it wasn’t available when this account was created. Useful moving forward but does not address the issue I posted about.

Hence why I am asking for help to remove this account, not asking for what to do instead.

13390937 is closed now

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