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Hi, I am new to Scoutbook and I have been using my account with MemberID 11056899 to conduct training, etc. I recently volunteered to be Den Leader and it seems like a separate account with my name but different email address exists in the Pack (I don’t know the MemberID but I can see it through my wife’s account) and is designated as Den Leader but my current account doesn’t reflect this. I can’t seem to get the username or reset the password for the Den Leader account even though it is associated with my other email address. My son’s Member ID is 13908711 (and it is connected to the Den Leader account). Thanks for your help.

@JeffreyKuehne this is fixed was not sure what email you wanted as Primary - but in SB can be fixed in Edit Profile

Perfect, thanks for your help!

I have a scout CL bsa id 134598929 who has transferred from California to Vermont - Green Mountain Council 592.
He is now in Scoutbook. The parent had to register him as a new scout and pay a fee and new member fee. it appears the scout is now synched and data came over. Does the parent get a reimbursement at all? If so, where does it come from?

2nd - his father is not associated with his account. Has father has the same name but goes by M.
Father - (removed) BSA# 12797959. I tried to seach for him and it says it cannot find him. Can you possibly add him?

Thank you

Just for future information, the forums are publicly viewable, so posting things like names and contact info is generally discouraged. If the SUAC support folks need it, they’ll set up a private channel for that discussion.

That’s a policy issue the unit needs to take up with council.

The new council should be able to add the parent association, but I think some SUAC members might be able to create a basic connection, which a unit admin or Key 3 would need to assign as a Parent/Guardian.

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You’ll have to talk to your council about that.

Had they used beascout (properly), they should have been able to say he’s already registered and look him up to avoid that fee in the first place.

Council reaches out to me to fix these. Ibwas given abother issue thst i have not mentioned yet. Our council is small and only has 1 DE for the entire council.

I was told in this forum is you can’t transfer anyone out of council. You have to fill out new application online and not paper. Then i was told that national gives a refund. Is this not correct? Then you on this firum merge the two accounts. It was told to me its ok to post the sb numbers even though i asked about the sensitivity. Thank you fir the clarification.

Looks like i can get the help here but then again not really. I will let my SE that i need different access. I am their SB admin abd the onky help is going to the forums. But i hear this not the preferred way. Is that what i am hearing from ya’ll… I get conflicting information from this forum and from my SE who cannot give me any access to help fix these issues as i am not a paid staffer.
What kind of acces do i need to do this? How do you volonteers have this access?

Is there a phone number or someone i can reach out to find out what i really need to help our council with issues?

Thank you

Posting their member numbers or scoutbook ID numbers without names is fine. It’s the names and other PII we try to avoid. We can merge scoutbook accounts for you and investigate certain issues to determine the best course of action.

@TressaOrthmeyer1 This is fixed. Please log in with your my.scouting user name – not your e-mail address.

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@WilliamKett This scout’s official registration in your unit does not appear to have gone through yet. Was this a paper app or online?

I’m not finding the dad in Scoutbook at all. Has he logged into scoutbook previously? If so, could you provide his scoutbook user ID (number).

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the speedy response and resolution!

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