Need help updating transfer scout's out of date rank

We have a new scout (BSA #137556367) who just moved and transferred into our Pack from out of state/council. His rank in Scoutbook is out of date as his old pack did not use SB. He is currently a Webelo I but SB still shows him as a Wolf. I tried advancing him myself by marking the Wolf rank as completed on his advancement page, but it does not then update to the Bear requirements. The help icon says I need to update his profile and the Bear requirements will appear, but his profile correctly has him as a Webelo, so I’m not sure what to do from here. Thanks for your help!

ADMIN: Edited to remove Scout’s name.


I believe the problem was the Scout was in a Wolf den in his old pack and Webelos den in his new pack, confusing Scoutbook.

I ended the Wolf membership. You should be able to enter ranks now.

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