Need parent assigned to scout

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@TracieAhrens your council can help with this - and an admin can add the parent

As a troop admin, the parent search still doesn’t work. I’ve tried council. I guess I need to ask someone else.


You Council can add the parent/child relationship in Akela via their registrar tools. Up to 24 hours later the connection will be made in Scoutbook.

The Council can also remove the incorrect parent connection in Scoutbook using Volunteer Support Tools. Only the adult or council can remove parent/scout connections in Scoutbook.

Guess I shouldn’t have deleted my post so quickly, but I hate that this thing is so public.
Anyway, since MID #110045644 and #14891081 are the same person, can you merge these 2 accounts and make the account with the good YPT (110045644) status show up on his scout’s account which is MID # 137028468?

@TracieAhrens they well need to login using the Log in with Google from now on - they have that setup

Thanks. I appreciate the help.

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