Parents not really connected to Scouts?

We are trying to transfer the AOLs to a Troop. Two of them have failed, they show up as pending acceptance on the troop side but when trying to accept it says an error occurred.
Our registrar says “the parents information needs to be completely filled out”. They do have a connected parent in Scoutbook, but when I look at their profile in IA and click on the parent’s tab, I get an error, whereas when I look at each ones sibling account, I can see their parents info correctly. How do we correctly attach the parents to the youths so their transfer can complete?

Scout 136106900 (SB: 2558218) should be connected to parent 136106901

Scout 13924600 (SB: 12022534) should be connected to parent 13924564

Thank you!

You’ll need to ask your council to add the parent relationships in Akela.

Adding on to Jacob’s post:

Ask your local council to use their Registrar Tools to look up the Scouts. In the “Relationships” section, they should add the parent(s).

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