Purchasing report not working

I was trying to use scouting.org and when trying to access purchase reports and it redirects me back to to my dashboard then when i try to click it again the button freezes

Could you describe what you are clicking to access the purchase report from scouting.org?

I am going to reports then a menu drops down I’m clicking purchase order but it just freezes and redirects me back to menu. Thanks

@patgarcia - perhaps some screenshots may help. In scoutbook.scouting.org it is the needs purchasing report.

@patgarcia you are a Committee member - I am not sure you can use Purchase Report - your admin needs to make you either an admin or Unit Advancement Chair

I am reasonably certain that straight up committee member like den leaders would not have access to needs purchasing. Certainly can check the sandbox on that one.

Ok I am a committee chair but since we are a small troop they have me helping out with advancements. So who would I need to speak too to get help with making change . I will now be doing advancements from now on. My local council doesn’t answer phones to ask for help.

@patgarcia - well I am the committee chair for a pack, troop and crew and have no issues accessing the report. I suspect that in my.scouting.org that is not your position.


You are registered as Committee Member not Committee Chair. Your Charter Org Rep can go to the Roster in my.scouting.org and change your position to Committee Chair. The next day Scoutbook will be updated with your new position and you will be a unit admin.

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