Need scout accounts merged

Two scout accounts and one parent account had data entry errors and created duplicate accounts, which need to be merged.

First account

UserID 12145268, BSA Member# 137468208 (last name misspelled) needs to merge with UserID 11984320 (correct spelling); this scout’s parent UserID 12142853, BSA Member # 137468209 (last name misspelled and email address misspelled) needs to be merged with correct account (UserID 11984324, BSA Member # 13946109)

Second Account

UserID 12142564, BSA Member # 137468201 (Incorrect Birthdate) needs to be merged with UserID 11984352 (correct Birthdate)


@DouglasVanderhoof first is fixed (as it was obvious) - on the second one - you are sure on correct DOB?

@DonovanMcNeil Yes, confirmed with parent. I went back and looked at the app and it appeared that she initially wrote 9 but then overwrote 7. I entered seven in SB, but Council entered a 9.

@DouglasVanderhoof OK all that is fixed

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