Need to merge duplicate parent Scoutbook accounts

Hi scoutbook admins, we have a few parents in our pack that have multiple accounts. Is it possible to merge them? One account has a BSA member number, and the other just has a User ID but no member number. Here is a list:

  1. BSA Member # 14057562 (Need to merge User ID 12034569 into it)

  2. BSA Member # 133496137 (Need to merge User ID 9794893 into it)

Thank you!

@KathrynAlva I am looking in to this.

@KathrynAlva This is done.

For parent 2. (BSA Member # 133496137), he should be logging in with his my.scouting user name – not his e-mail address.

Thank you SO MUCH! It’s so nice to have our roster cleaned up. I really appreciate it!

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