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How can a boy delete his wrong account in order for a parent to invite him to his correct one?

I have a mom trying to invite their son to connect to Scoutbook. But when she does, a pop-up window appears saying (pretend his name is Bob):

“It looks like Bob already created his own Scoutbook account. If you want him to be able to login and access this account he must remove his existing account first.”

She clicks OK and at the very bottom of the page there’s text that says

“What if Bob has already created his own Scoutbook account?”

Clicking on this text expands it to:

“If Bob already created his own separate Scoutbook account you will need to decide which one to keep. he can either delete his existing account or you can delete this one by clicking on the Delete Account button above. If you decide to delete this account, you can connect to Bob’s account by clicking on Add/Track a Scout from your Dashboard then choosing the option Connect to My Scout

We want to have Bob delete his account because when he logs into it, it doesn’t show any of his advancement, whereas the one that is connected to mom’s account does. But how does Bob delete his account? I think he may have created it by going to my.scouting.org.

By the way, this boy does not show up on the list on the Send Message page.

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sending email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org is the only way to fix this - include all details and say which account is correct


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