Need To Restore Membership After Ending Membership Date

I have managed to remove a scout from Scoutbook by ending his membership.

His name is (removed by Moderator)
Quivira Council
Troop 328 (removed by Moderator)

Is it possible to get him put back on the roster? I can not see him listed in the roster anywhere when I follow: My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Thank you,

SB User no. 458670

BSA no. 125236426

@DarrinGreen This young adult’s registration has expired / lapsed.

He has special needs and is in the process of extending his age by the council. So, was this done automatically by Scoutbook and not my error?

Can he be restored anyway?

@DarrinGreen The Scout’s registration expired / lapsed in October.

His membership was ended automatically, due to an automatic membership update - not your error.

He will be restored once he has an active registration again.

Thank you for your assistance. I was not aware of the lapse in his registration. I will get with Quivira and see what needs to be done.

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