Needs Approval Report times out

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Individual patrol reports work.

Thanks for reporting this. I have reported to the developers. I’m glad to hear the patrols at least work, but that’s a pain if you have a lot of patrols… which you probably do based on the troop report timing out.

  1. I am also having the report time out. Not sure what is going on.
  2. Also, an issue that just arose in my unit was parents entering that their boys completing the Cyber Chip, although it was never approved by leadership. When I entered the Scout Rank (and possibly other ranks), it did not stop me from doing a quick entry of the rank being earned and simply updated the date of earning the Cyber Chip to the date I entered the Scout rank. It would definitely be better to absolutely require that the Cybership be separately entered as leadership approved before any rank can be approved that requires it. My cyberchip trainer has been all over me about this issue and it appears to have affected numerous scout rank advancement. interestingly i was trying to run a needs advancement report since the cyberchip awards still show as not being approved under awards while the requirement is “leader approved” in the rank requirements when I quick entered ranks earned.

Thanks! .

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