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Under troop reports, needs awarding and needs purchasing shows the pack

Mainly for joint event scheduling, I have admin access to both our pack and troop.

If I go to troop reports and choose needs awarding or needs purchasing it shows all of the pack items. I assume this should be limited only to troop items.

Both report have a “select unit” option at the top. Units disappear from the list of options when they don’t have any items that would appear in the report. I have recently put in a request to clarify which unit it defaults to as follows:

  1. From My dashboard, based on the users default position
  2. From a unit page, that unit

Of course, I don’t know when or if that will be implemented. It’s not a very high priority.

I guess my hold up is that it says troop reports and then gives data on a pack.

So, you are accessing it via the troop page?


Yeah, I agree it should default to that unit. There is an argument for keeping the option to toggle to another unit to make it more convenient for those with advancement responsibilities in multiple units.


There is are single pages for the Needs * reports. If you are an admin of multiple units, any can be selected from that single page. This is working as designed.

I guess I am hung up on the name troop report. Maybe it should be worded unit report?

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