Needs Purchasing Returns to Dashboard

Hi…I don’t know if you guys could help or direct… when I am in scout book and I click on need purchasing it brings me back to the home page? Does anyone know what to do?

Are you set up as the Advancement Chair?

Ask one of the Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to use the Position Manger (at my.scouting) to add you as the Unit Advancement Chair. You will need to wait for an overnight sync to run, but then you will be a Troop Admin and Unit Advancement Chair in Scoutbook.

Thank you for the quick response …I am setup as the advancement chair and I had made purchases before… so I honestly do not know why now it is now working.

@AnnetteCarrillo - is that listed in your positions at

Yes it is. It allows me to click on needs approval, and need rewarding but not purchasing.

@AnnetteCarrillo - that is scoutbook… I am talking about

oh I do not know … I can check it … where do I exactly look to see if my title is that? I am in my scouting now

it says i am a committee member when I look at registered positions… should it say advancement chair?

@AnnetteCarrillo - ok… that is a start… could you have a key 3 check if you were assigned advancement chair in functional roles in

@AnnetteCarrillo It depends on how much permissions your troop wants to give you.

It looks like your Advancement Chair role was ended in Scoutbook. They can add it back.

who would be a key 3 and how would they add me back…

Troop Key 3 would be:

  • Scoutmaster
  • Committee Chair
  • Chartered Org. Rep.

Thank you …so how would they add my tittle back. It it just a button they need to click on next to my name?

In Scoutbook, they can:

Go to the Troop Roster page
Click on your name.
Click on your Unit Advancement Chair role.
Remove the date ended.
They will need to make sure your position is approved. If your position is approved, there should be a green shield with checkmark.

okay thank you thank you …to both of you … I am trying to order merit badges online and this has been a nightmare because there is not a scout shop I can go to anymore to buy what I need for the boys and I think I need to complete a purchasing order first and then I figure out this online ordering…

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