New adult leader login trouble

Good afternoon,
I have a new adult leader that has applied to our Pack. I can see his application in the “Application Manager” portal. He needs to complete his YPT before we can move his application on to our COR, but his login credentials are not working. I’ve asked him the requisite questions:

  1. Did you try resetting it?

  2. Have you tried emptying your cache?

  3. Trying on a different device

  4. Trying a different browser?

Here’s what he’s using to acces the site:

  1. Hardware: Desktop PC (Windows 10) and Mobile (Iphone)
  2. Browser*

He’s assured me that he has tried these things to no avail. Is there a way for you to send him his login info and have him reset his password? Here’s his info:

Moderator: Removed PII

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Nelson Stewart-Johnson


He needs to use the Google Login button and his Google ID to log in.

Ok, thank you for the promt reply.