New Connection: Adult Account Not Found in Search

An adult account that is already linked to a sibling does not come up in search while using already registered email address or name. This causes duplicate accounts to be created. I also believe this happens when looking for an adult leader using name, email, or BSA Id. Please fix. I can supply steps to reproduce, with screenshots through more private channels. Thanks!

Only if the person goes and creates a second account.

The not being able to search for an existing parent is a known bug.

Then how are we supposed to connect a mother to her second child in the Pack?

I put some instructions together here: Two Cubs and linking two parents accounts - #2 by CharleyHamilton


Your council registrar can add the parent/scout connection in Akela via registrar tools. Within 24 hours the connection will be made in Scoutbook.

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I was able to resolve the issue with the workaround presented by @CharleyHamilton. Thanks!

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