Scoutbook Created Multiple Accounts for an Adult

I was adding an adult to two new Scouts - and Search didn’t give me the option to select the existing adult record when it came time for the second Scout - so two accounts were created for an adult. Is there anyway for me to have these merged? Or deleted and started again?


If you post the BSA ID/Scoutbook User ID information for the two accounts (no names, please!), the SUAC folks may be able to help clear it up.

Was this a new adult (e.g. parent on two new scouts) or an existing unit adult leader? With an existing adult, you should be able to just use Connections Manager to connect them to both scouts.

What some of us have started doing as a workaround while the search function is dysfunctional is to use the Connections Manager to add connections to scouts where I already have an adult connected to one of the scouts. So, in your case, rather than creating the second account for the new parent, go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Roster

then scroll down to the bottom for Connections Manager. In Connections Manager, page through until you get to the new parent’s name. Then click on the blank space at the intersection of the parent’s row and the second scout’s column. Add View Profile and View Advancement permissions.

Then, go back to the roster, click on the scout’s name, and go to their connections page. Select the parent (who should now be in their list of connections), and change the connection type to the appropriate (e.g. Parent/Guardian for a parent, “Other Family Member” for a family member who isn’t a guardian, etc). If it’s an existing registered unit leader, you can typically set the correct connection type/permissions right in Connections Manager and skip both the account creation step and the return trip to the scout’s connections after using Connections Manager.

Hi Charlie,

Never used the grid view of Connection Manager before (and honestly I didn’t know it existed). I was able to use that to unlink and effectively discard the duplicate - and get the first parent record linked up with both Cubs, using the process you described.

Beautiful. Thank you, so much, for your help.


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