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New Counselor added by Council upload but without a matching ScoutBook account

What happens in ScoutBook when a new Merit Badge Counselor is added during the Council Counselor upload, but that Counselor has not yet created ScoutBook account?

Will ScoutBook create a counselor record for the new counselor?
And If so, how does the counselor then connect to that account when they first join Scoutbook? (Using their BSA MemberID?)
And If not, how will we get them connected to their MBC record on ScoutBook. Again, thru the BSA MemberID?

Greg Buchanan

@GregoryBuchanan - this may help answer the questions


Thanks, Stephen.
I have seen that before and I just read it again. But it doesn’t really tell me know how Scoutbook will handle someone who does not have a ScoutBook account, who is uploaded as a Merit Badge Counselor by the Council.


If they are a registered Merit Badge Counselor, then they should already have a my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools or MYST) account. With Single Sign On, they will also have a Scoutbook account. If the Scoutbook account is not already connected to the MYST account, then they might need to use “Switch SSO Profile” in Scoutbook in order to connect them.

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