Parent with Past scout member ID, and New parent Member ID

Hello, can someone assist me with a parents access to scoutbook and linking to their cubs account?

I’ve been working with her to try to get my scout book account fixed… It has not and is still not working properly because of a past account that I used to have when I was a Boy Scout in upstate New York. As such, I’m not able to RSVP to Events still via scout book.

I did reach out to council a while back. I didn’t realize that no1 log-in was still not working.

No1 was a scout himself, years ago. When he logs in, he sees his account through Greater Hudson Valley #388 Council, his scout number is 5936627

We had him loaded into bsa when his son (removed) submitted his application. This was through our council, Washington Crossing Council, and he (no.1)was given a scout number of 140172498.

We did send an invitation from Scoutbook to connect with his scout, .approx 4 months ago.

@MichaelSymons please do not post names to an international forum - let me take a look

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That’s a lot of PII to post on a public forum. Generally, the Scoutbook User Advisory Council folks can work just off of BSA IDs for “person 1”, “person 2”, etc.

In principle, if the PII for the prior accounts match their current account (batting things like address and BSA ID), an individual should be able to use the Manage Member ID to add the older BSA ID to their current account. If there’s an information mismatch, however, it usually requires some degree of intervention.

ETA: I see Donovan got to you already. :⁠^⁠)

@MichaelSymons this is fixed and resolved - user can use the Sign in with Google log in

Ok I edited it and removed any pii

Ok I edited and removed any pii

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