New Members not able to access unit forum

On Tue, Apr 30, 2019 I added four new pack parents to my pack in Scoutbook. It has been 72 hours since they accepted their connection to their scout, but the list nor the member count for our pack’s unit forum has not yet been update. As such, those four are currently denied access to our pack’s unit forum. Will these new members eventually be added automatically, or is there an action on my part still needed?

Passed on to BSA IT - we will find out

Thank you, Donovan. If it is helpful information, I cheked our pack’s unit forum today (Mon, May 13), and the member count remains unchanged since my original post.

Best for you to send an email to too - that forces a work ticket open

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Daniel - I am wondering where you are seeing a member count on the unit forum. I have spotted it. If you are talking about the member count on the unit page it counts only scouts and leaders., where MMM is council number, NNNN is pack number and YYYYY is the numeric autoID assigned by ScoutBook to our pack. My member count has been stuck at 59 since the inception of the new version of the pack forum. There are definitely individuals on that list of 59 that have never appeared on a pack recharter, nor are configured in ScoutBook as leaders.

As of Jun 19 2019, I am denied permissions to view, the member list for my unit, which prevents me from monitoring progress on this issue. Message received was “Access Denied while trying to load /groups/council-MMM-pack-NNNN-YYYYY.json” Please restore. I saw that a few days earlier my member count had changed from 59 to 62, which is an improvement - but only adults who (correction: became BSA-registered adults) in early June have been added to the Unit Forum. I still have a few parents/guardians who connected on scoutbook (correction: after) the time the unit forum was created (Apr 2019), but are not yet members of my pack’s Unit Forum.

Daniel - could you provide screen shots of what you are looking at and the error you get when accessing the forum.


Please send an e-mail to with your description above but include the actual link. Post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies.

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