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Parent can't see Unit Forum

A parent in our unit is trying to log in to our unit forum in (They aren’t using Single Sign On since, as a parent only they don’t have a my.scouting profile.) They can log in to Scoutbook and see the Scout and the unit. From the Home Page they can click on Forums and get to the top Forums page, and browse the topics there, but without the unit forum. Clicking the Log In button immediately gives a “System error (-21)”, without the option of supplying login credentials.

We had been using the Legacy Forums for topical discussion and communication, and would like to do the same with the new forums, but if only unit leaders with SSO can see the unit forum that won’t work.

Has anyone encountered this, and what is the solution?

Send an email to with the parent’s email address. Post the ticket number back here.

Well, okay. Here it is: the incident # is SSD-76267

Can this parent access a discussion on your unit forum if you give them the direct link to the topic?

No. We get “You must log in to see this topic”

Thanks for confirming.

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