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Scouts not showing Advancement options for current Rank

We have multiple scouts that this applies to (at least 3) but this is a representative example. We are a new, virtual, Pack and many of our Scouts are also enrolled in a “home” Pack. I don’t think that’s the issue though - my gut feeling is that it has something to do with age (perhaps the kids in question are young for their grade.

Scout A is a Wolf.
He’s in our Wolf Den.

When you click on his name, it shows Tiger Den

When you try to add Advancement, there’s no Wolf option:

Even if the original Pack has him in a previous Den, I wouldn’t think that would affect his ability to earn the next rank (the Dens in Scoutbook seem to be just arbitrary groupings, not a limiting factor).

@ShaunaFox - when you click on the scout > membership what shows there in current membership ?

I don’t see a membership option

I went to my other Pack where I have more permissions and see that option now. As Unit Advancement chair in this Pack I can’t see that

@ShaunaFox - do you still have that position listed under pack 780. I also wonder if you are still listed for that pack in my.scouting.org > OSM.


As Cubmaster I can see that Membership option for my other scouts but as 780 Advancement Chair I can’t see the Membership Options (or some others too) for the scouts in question (they may belong to other home Packs but I only have them in the virtual Pack)

@ShaunaFox - oh I missed the fact that this is not a real unit. I wonder if it not being a chartered unit may be in play with the changes to adult leaders in scoutbook.

I think it’s set up like a traditional unit in Scoutbook. I know there was talk that we just had to pick a Council to be connected to so that we could set everything up.

Is this a real pack with a charter somewhere? I’d think it has to be to show up in scoutbook.

Once you are able to see membership, it is very important that all memberships are at the same den level (Lion, Tiger, etc). Scoutbook relies on den to determine what they are eligible to earn.


The reason you can’t see their membership options is because you are connected to those Scouts as Advancement Chair with View Profile / View Advancement / Edit Advancement permissions.

I see some Scouts with, for example, a membership in a Tiger Den and a Wolf Den at the same time. While a Scout can be registered with more than one pack at the same time, the Scout’s den memberships have to be at the same den level. As Jacob said, Scoutbook uses the den level to know which requirements the Scout is working towards.

Example Scout G.B. has current memberships in a Tiger Den and a Wolf Den. G.B. needs to be in either a Tiger Den or a Wolf Den, but not both at the same time.

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These scouts are currently in a Michigan Crossroads Council Virtual Pack created by Council.

Some of their previous packs are no longer active.

I’ll look for someone with permission to Membership to end their old Den work.

Thank you all for your help.

Hi @ShaunaFox, anyone connected to the Scouts will Full Control permissions should be able to add an end date to their membership with the other pack.

It’s usually best if a Pack Admin from the other pack adds the date ended, so that the position remains “approved”. But if the pack is no longer active then anyone with a Full Control connection to the Scout can end the membership.

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