Online application failing at payment phase

I’ve had two reports from parents in the last week trying to sign up for our unit only to be stymied at the payment screen. I don’t get any notifications or see anything in for either of them. We are set to accept online applications.

Any ideas?

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Sounds like your Recharter is not totally completed

Just checked with council registrar, she say the troop is “posted”, so that’s probably not it.
They’re off all this week for a planning retreat, so she won’t be able to put in an error report till next week sometime.

I assume you are talking about the parents submitting youth registrations? Have you successfully process them that way before?

Hmm, now that you ask that question, no. I looked and my other three units have all accepted them successfully, but not this one. I think it’s all set up properly in the pin management.

@KevinNickels - beyond any doubt why i do not have on line apps enabled in addition to the prohibition of adult apps on line in our council