Unable to add leaders to two of our dens even though parents are in Scoutbook?

I’ve been unable to add leaders from our parents already in Scoutbook making it difficult to keep up with advancement. How do I add them in?

Lion, Tigers, and Webelos do not have den leaders - they have Lion Den Leaders, Tiger Den Leaders, etc - look for those positions

@GretchenIstre also the parent has to have filled out an adult leader application to be a leader in Scoutbook

I added a parent who has not filled out an application for our Webelo den but stepped up when the person who was supposed to leave bailed. I cannot add parents who did fill out applications. They are listed as connections to their Scouts but don’t come up in a search when I try to add leaders.

Actually, now that I think about it, for our Bear den the husband filled out an application, but the wife does most of the work…

@GretchenIstre - only registered adults can be added as leaders in scoutbook. If they are not on the roster at my.scouting.org as registered leaders then it is a no-go in scoutbook. I would also not that lion and tiger adult partners are NOT registered leaders.

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