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I have successfully used Scoutbook as a den leader. We recently started a new troop where I am Scoutmaster. I am still able to see and post advancement for the remaining younger den girls but unable to do anything with the girls in the troop. It says I don’t have permission and only the scoutmaster and a couple others have permission…,but neither I nor the committee chair can enter data or use any features for the troop.

Any advice? Are we still somehow under the control of the pack Scoutbook settings?

The first step is to ensure that your registration has been entered correctly by your local council. Log in to and check under My Profile to verify that you are really in the troop as Scoutmaster.
Second, assuming the above is good to go, is to check on Scoutbook under My Profile > My Positions to make sure that those listings match what you have on My.Scouting. If that’s good, then open up your Scoutmaster position and make sure it is marked as your default position.
Good luck!


In addition to making sure you have the scoutmaster position in scoutbook under my positions, make sure you have the troop admin position. And make sure both have a green shield by them.

SM Position is there but no green shield…

And I don’t have the admin position. My guess is I am still under the control of the pack as far as scoutbook goes…

Were you also able to verify it is present in your profile data? If the application wasn’t processed in a way that linked the new position to your old BSA ID/login, you might have a different account/BSA ID that holds the SM role.

There’s no under the control of the pack. Your position in the pack and position in the troop are independent of each other. You can have both simultaneously.


Yes! Two ID problem, my council and national IDs were fighting in Scoutbook. Now if I could just get these merged so I don’t have to do YPT twice :joy:

Thanks for everyone’s help, got the summer camp merit badges all recorded!

In, use the manage member ID tool to add the other bsa member number. Make the new one primary for a day. Then, set the one connected to your unit positions to primary. The primary one is the one you’ll be logged into scoutbook as.


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