Newly Tranferred Adult can't sign in

New adult transferred but now unable to sign in. He received log in invitations for ScoutBook but it’s saying my information does not exist. I have a prior account but it’s stating it is inactive.

Previous BSA 13725722 and UserID 11668153. The one currently showing from my side when I look him.up is 137303740.

Do these 2 bsa numbers need to be merged so he can sign in properly?

Have him try now. He was trying to use a BSA member number that had been deleted.

11866428 - User ID; Duplicate( not able to log in to this account).
1895211- Original ( I can log in) – Hello everyone, I have just moved to a new council and somehow my account is split and I can no longer see the family or unit in Scoutbook. Are you able to assist in correcting the problem.

@MariaNightingale this is fixed for you

Thank you Jennifer! His account is working now.

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