No Emails - Parent accounts changed

We used to use Scoutbook for most of our messaging to parents. That and Facebook. How ever last year a bunch of the parents now show as No Email. I have checked and they have not changed anything in there accounts. Is there anyway to correct this issue?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend other options. Many families do not wish to join facebook for those updates.


Users can change it themself under their account and Email. There is an Opt Out Toggle.

As a leader (and a SUAC member) I never used SB Emails - I just did it out of my email client.


Due to being placed on a widely used e-mail blacklist, the BSA ran all e-mail addresses in Scoutbook through an e-mail validation tool. Those that came back as not valid had the Opt Out flag set.

Members can log in to Scoutbook and change the state of the Opt Out flag. Before turning e-mail back on in Scoutbook, they need to validate that their e-mail address in the system is correct. E-mail addresses are changed on the Edit Profile page. The Opt Out flag is changed on the E-Mail page.

Thank you Ed, it’s just hard getting the parents to respond, log in and change these settings. Thank you for the info.


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