Not Receiving Emails Issue

I have several parents who are showing up as having opted out of emails. When I ask them they say they have not. I have one parent who has attempted to log in and reset this feature with the instructions listed on the scoutbook site but has not been able to get in and is now unable to access the account at all. She states she has sent an email to support with no reply. (I advised her the site is volunteer run)
140181363 This is her member ID
I have other parents who are now experiencing the same issue with no resolution from the help topics.
Thank you!

@KristinaCook - the user would need to log into scoutbook then go to My Account then click on email and look for this at the top of the page

the slider being red indicates the opt out… move it to the left and save to opt in

Understood. I had advised her of this and sent the instructions from the help page. But she’s saying she can’t even access Scoutbook now and she’s locked out of password retrieval. It’s telling her the security answers are wrong- she’s tried multiple variations on the only correct answer.

Has the user tried telling the 'bot that they don’t know the answers to the security questions? I understood that was a way to bypass them to another route for resetting their password.

@KristinaCook - and the email to support is a dead end… no longer used

@KristinaCook In this particular case, the e-mail address in Scoutbook is different from the e-mail in my.scouting (one has some numbers as part of the e-mail address, the other does not). Your local council has the ability to correct the e-mail address, reset passwords, and change the e-mail opt out toggle in Scoutbook using Volunteer Support Tools (or VST).

In some cases, users have duplicate accounts. Your council might be able to fix these or SUAC can help.

I think this parent has a second BSA member number (140214954) with a different last name. As a result, it looks like she has a second username at my.scouting.

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My son has not been receiving email from since Jan 2023. His account is not working anymore, or it has been deactivated. Can you please assist?

Member ID 14208531

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