Scout with no current Rank Advancement row

I have a scout that transfer into our Pack this year. As I was updating my den Advancements I notice that this scout did not have the current rank (Bear) row with the percentage. I tried deleting his last rank and redid it to to see if it would fix it but nothing change. I can only go to quick entry to up date his advancement to give him credit. >>>> Update he is not connected to his old pack.

@MichelleKnippa1 When you go to the [Scout]'s Membership screen in Scoutbook, do you see “Bear Member” or do you see “Youth Member”?

I see two Bear Member one is 29d and the other is 47d.

Are they for the same den? Both under “current memberships”?

@Jacobfetzer the same Den. yes current membership.

I was able to fix it. Thank you for making me look into memberships. He was still a wolf too I just put an end date to it.

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