No longer an active pack - can we still see our accounts?

I am needing some questions answered for our pack that unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic. No one in the pack can log onto Scoutbook and find any info on any of their scouts anymore, not even their own. Unfortunately, the pack was unable to close out their year the way they wanted to, including getting the final patches and loops that their Scouts have earned. When any of the leaders log on to the Purchasing Report, nothing shows up anymore, except for a previously open PO that they didn’t close (but did purchase all of the loops for). I was told that even though we are no longer an active pack, we should still be able to see our accounts. Is there any way for us to still view and print out our current purchasing report so we can purchase for our scouts their awards? Please tell me there is a way to make this possible for them. With all that has been going on, telling our kids that we are SOL would just be terrible news for them. Thank you in advance for your help.

Well you can still log into your account but all the scouts would have been removed from the Packs membership is the issue you are hitting, so you could not even get them On a purchase order. Even the Leader positions are probably ended as well in most cases.

Since the pack’s charter expired and it is past the 120 grace period, the pack is no longer accessible in Scoutbook. You can get each Scout’s record by going to My Dashboards → Reports then selecting Cub Scout History Report and entering the BSA Member ID and last name for the Scouts.

You will need to hand write an advancement report to turn in when you purchase your advancement.

But shouldn’t each parent still be able to see their own child’s accounts? I have 3 kids, and I can’t see any of their advancements, awards, etc.

Scout has to be IN a unit to see advancements - you can go to you Scouts Profile page and go to Reports and get the History report there

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