No messages, no events received

I’m connected to my son and troop. All looks exactly as it should and is up-to-date. But I have never received messages from scoutbook (verified my email, and even added second email). I go to inbox and no messages, go to events nothing there. I hear in our meeting all the communication comes this way and I get absolutely nothing for the past year and a half. Any tips or where I can get help? My son is missing events and this is no bueno.

Thanks much on any tips/next steps,

@ChristopherCzesak - can you post your BSA id and your scouts ID. Or at the very least post screenshots of what you see when you log into scoutbook?

absolutely, thank you so much!

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So when I go to my dashboard, inbox:

will see if that screenshot comes in. But it is just text saying ‘There are no messages in your Inbox’.

@ChristopherCzesak - that in box was set up for council messages. Please check your email client application.

Same situation. Never had a single message come in via email.

Except one to confirm my email with a code, so at least I know the sender should be:

@ChristopherCzesak - ok… when you log into scoutbook what do you see. If there is something that says administration and you click on that what is displayed and again screen shots help.

@ChristopherCzesak - beyond that, in order to see events from the dashboard you and your scout would need to be invited.

Ah here is our dashboard

Mechanically, if the email feature is just passing through to email, I just switched my email to see if something is being filtered by my email service. I was hoping there was some kind of storage to see previously sent messages but am guessing again it is just a pass through (e.g. email alias).

@ChristopherCzesak - the change of email is worth a try. On that dashboard, clicking into each unit should allow you to see if there are any events listed for the pack and troop. I trust the units are using the calendar and message portions of scoutbook. Some units do not.

@ChristopherCzesak You might also consider subscribing to the unit Calendar

@ChristopherCzesak - any updates? Subscribing to the calendar is also a good idea.

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Ok subscribed to calendar. Right now just trying to get someone to message so I can test if attaching a different mailbox works. I do see some events on the calendar so that is encouraging.

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