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No Parent Permissions on my Leader Profile

Hi Again- I am hoping to invite my Scouts to join Scoutbook with their own email and log in credentials. My dashboard (as a two key Unit leader) does not have a “my family” selection, only a direct link to the Troop. My connections to them on their pages show the parent box is checked but shaded. The leader box is checked and in bold. I am unable to find a way on any of the edit profile pages to have a place to put in their email to invite. Someone suggested creating a second profile- non leader-, but I hope there’s another way?

You shouldn’t need a second profile. My leader/parent account connects to my scout just fine both at scoutbook.com and in the Scouting app.

I wonder if what the commenter meant was that it was possible you had more than one account already (i.e. an erroneous account that’s connected as a parent to the scouts). That said, if the view from your scouts’ profiles looks like it’s connected to you as both a leader and a parent, try re-approving that connection by clicking “Update” at the bottom. That should (I think) re-approve both the parent and leader connections.

When I had two accounts, one showed a connection to my scout, and the other showed my leader position. I didn’t get a grayed-out box for either one.


Based on your description, it sounds like you do have 2 Scoutbook accounts. When you look at the unit roster in Scoutbook, do you see only one entry for yourself? Does it have 2 keys (indicating Unit Admin) next to your name?

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