Scoutbook profiles crossed up between parent and Scout

I believe the family is having an issue where the parent has two accounts, but the Scout and parents emails may be swapped, too. The Scout was trying to log in to ask me a question on Scoutbook and the two accounts seem convoluted and the Scout logged in with two different credential sets. It may be simply the Scout’s account is not activated properly. Please inspect and suggest a course of action to resolve.

Scout (visible to me in Scoutbook)
BSA ID: 13363438
Scoutbook UserID: 10149863

BSA ID: 13363434
Scoutbook UserID: 10148142

Thank you!
Scott Hall

The Scout has no login account attached to that MID @Scott_Hall

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks for looking at it. Is this where the parent should log in and invite the Scout to connect to their profile?

I will revisit with the Scout tonight. I feel like I have forgotten some details.

Well the mother MIGHT have 2 users - they have 2 logins - that could be the issue

That rings a bell. I saw the Scout log in twice, but have forgotten the context of what they were looking to do. I will double check and report back. From my vantage point in Scoutbook, there is only one parent profile connected to the Scout. There could be an orphan profile running around, though.

I tried to log in to my account on Facebook but instead it logged me into one of my son’s accounts. I never set up accounts for my sons, only their profiles so I can update their accounts. Please call me to help make this faster and easier to fix so I can update pack info.
Thank you,
Charles Deedrick
Pack 9129 Cubmaster

@CharlesDeedrick what is your BSA # and What is your Scouts BSA #?

@CharlesDeedrick I think this is cleared up for you now

@DonovanMcNeil I checked with the Scout. They are using their mother’s login. I showed them how to send an invitation to set up their own account. The Scout should be good to go with doing that.

As for the mother’s multiple accounts, I am not sure if this needs to be corrected or not. I did not speak to her directly and I am unclear if there are other Scouts in the family, etc. We could just leave her setup alone until a change is needed. If one of the profiles looks orphaned, then merging it might make sense. I can only see the one at the start of the thread and do not know enough about the other one to say.

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