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I hope this hasn’t already been covered, I searched but couldn’t find the exact situation. If I’ve missed it, I apologize
I have a leader who’s moving from ADL to Cubmaster and hasn’t previously logged in to training since we’ve done all in-person courses in our district.
When he attempted to log in by following the leader acct setup link I sent him as the COR, he states that it recognizes his user name but tells him that his pw is incorrect. He’s tried the reset password option a couple times but hasn’t received the email in inbox or spam. I told him to use Training1 as I’d previously been told for a similar situation, but it also doesn’t work to let him log in and still no reset password email.
BSA ID 13974180
SB user ID 12128154
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@JeffreyVernon As the pack’s Chartered Organization Representative, you should be able to log in at my.scouting, go to the pack’s Roster page there, and use the Position Manager to change the adult leader’s position from Assistant Den Leader to Cubmaster.

Is the adult leader trying to reset the password at my.scouting using the chatbot “Betty”?

The current problem he’s having is logging in for the first time, not anything related to changing position in the system. His email is through hotmail and I’ve seen other posts about that being the problem, but nothing recent enough to let me know that isn’t a factor anymore.
“I saw the email below and tried to login to, both for scoutbook awareness and to start cub master training. However, the login was unsuccessful.
It recognizes my username (which is attached to this email), but says my password is incorrect. I’ve tried to reset my password multiple times, but a reset email never comes through.”

The link he’s trying to follow to setup is the initial invitation:
Your Leader Account Has Been Setup
Scoutbook is an exciting new web app that works in all browers but is specifically designed for mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets.
Visit and login using the information below


Leaders should always be logging in to Scoutbook with the same username/password combination they use to log in/register at my.scouting (e.g. to take YPT).

ETA: Have they tried using the Betty chatbot in the bottom right corner at my.scouting to recover/reset their password?

@JeffreyVernon This leader already has a my.scouting user name, so he should be trying to reset his password at my.scouting using the chatbot “Betty”.

However, I see a discrepancy on his e-mails between Scoutbook and my.scouting, so that might be part of the issue.

I will send you a private message.

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