Parent/Leader can no longer log into (or ScoutBook)

I invited a Parent/Leader to connect on ScoutBook, and they were unable to log in but did receive the invite email from SB. To debug, I had them attempt to login to, and they were unable to. They used the recover userid tool to verify their userid, and the reset password tool, but no email has arrived to reset password. has her using the same address that ScoutBook successfully used, and there is nothing in her junk folder.

BSA ID: 12798091
ScoutBook: 10355676

Desktop; Chrome; Windows 11; Incognito

@JoshSteinhurst I just tried resetting the password again.

Please have the parent/leader check e-mail again.

If the e-mail does not come through this time, the leader will need to ask the local council to reset the password.

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For anyone reading along, this did require council changing (not resetting) her password. She since was able to log into both systems and change her password. No clue what was wrong.