No position code to accept an 18 yr old into a Crew

Crew 328 has an adult application as a transfer from another council. Youth is 18 and there should be a drop down to allow for Youth Participant, as the 18 year old needs to take YPT as well as fill out an adult application. Need to accept him into crew and can’t. I am COR. First time this has been an issue.

Council 328, Crew 328 – no local id yet.

You may need to use a paper application for this. Have the Scout take YPT on their existing BSA Member ID then attach a copy of the certificate to the paper application.

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He has YPT. May I print out the online information and submit to our registrar as scout is coming from Transatlantic Council and is just being prepared for his attendance in one of our activities.


Likely, no. They need the signatures. He can fill out rhr app, get the signatures, then take a picture and send to registrar if they support that (our’s do).