'No Record Found' error when searching for MBC to connect

Hello. I see a few similar issues here but not sure if mine is the same. I’m a key 3, simply trying to connect a scout with a MBC. When trying to create a connection, I search for the MBC and only get a No Record Found error no matter what I search (full name, last name, email address, etc.). Is this a known issue? It’s the same process that I’ve always used.


I see that a helpful volunteer has yet to respond to your post after 2 days. I have the same problem only it worked for one scout but not the other four. The MBC is in the Council system, he was invited and accepted for one scout but now I get No Record Found for the others. I wish Scoutbook was easier to use.

Any help out there Scoutbook?

+1 on this error. I found the correct MBC in the “Invite” menu, but it just kicks me back to the scout’s record, and nothing is returning anything in the ‘connections’ menu.

There’s a related discussion here, together with a couple of potential work-arounds while the bug is being addressed by the developers: Try to add connection, ScoutBook won't find person by email or name. Does find them if I add them - #15 by jacobfetzer

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