No Single-Day Projects?

My Scoutbook won’t accept a single-day service project. If I try to enter the same date for “Project Starts” and “Project Ends”, I get an error: “End date must be greater than start date in the request”. Only way to fix this - list project as occurring over two consecutive days. Not crucial, just really annoying. Anyone else experienced this?

@AlanCampbell - I was just able to enter a single day service project… not a single issue. And it is not in scoutbook that these log entries are made by the way… it is in

I’m not able to reproduce what you are seeing.

Can you take a screenshot?

@AlanCampbell - I just tried a single day service project entry on the work pc and was able to save it successfully. Please outline your steps in trying to enter this event.

OK, figured it out this morning. Start time populated as 11:30 PM (instead of AM), and end time as 6:30 PM. Reset start time to 11:30 AM, and problem went away. Sorry to bother you both!


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