NOA Camping Devices

How do I enter NOA Camping Gold/Silver Devices earned?

Devices for the National Outdoor Awards are not currently supported in Internet Advancement or Scoutbook. They have been requested, but we do not know when or if they will be added.

Then how do I report them?

And, how do I enter Palms earned with Eagle and discontinued merit badges in Internet Advancement? Or if not supported then how do I report them?


Not sure about the others, but I believe that if you set the date earned on the palms to match the date of the Eagle BoR, the system accepts it. If the date of the palms is later, then it imposes the 3 month rule. I know that works on the Scoutbook side, and I believe it works the same way on the IA2 side.

Which discontinued merit badges?

Cinematography earned 2/1/14 but not recorded back then. I was double checking things for his Eagle Application.

Cinematography was renamed Movie Making but is the same Merit Badge. You can record Movie Making with the date the Scout earned Cinematography.

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I see this question was last asked a couple years ago. Has anything changed? I have lots of kids who do a lot of camping and have several who have earned gold devices.

@JanellBunger-Spiecha Yes, the NOA devices were added in September.