Not able to be found in Scoutbook by Units

I now have 2 BSA membership numbers for 2 different councils. When I log into Scoutbook, I can see all my (kids) Scouts and my associated Units (Pack and Troop), however, the Unit Leaders cannot find me in Scoutbook when using my membership number or email address. This is preventing me from proving my YPT training and holding a position in the Pack and Troop. Apparently this has been going on for a year, but no one explained the issue and no one seems to know how to fix it (not even at our local council). How can I get this resolved?

Are both BSA ID’s active (i.e. you’re currently active in both councils), or is one “legacy”, but has your training?

If you just need the training to “sync” over from an old BSA ID to a your current one, you should be able to add the “old” BSA ID to your account under Manage Member ID in the left-side menu pull-down. I can’t recall if you have to add the old number, make it primary, wait 24-48 hours, then switch back, or if it will sync without that step.

You are not a registered leader in any council - that is why you cannot be found - you have to register first


This might be a loop-condition, though. Most councils won’t register you without YPT, but if the BSA ID isn’t finding the YPT, then you can’t find it. It should be as simple as submitting the certificate with the application. Adding the second BSA ID should sync up the training records, right, even for a non-registered individual?

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my.scouting training validation pulls your ypt

I was a Troop Committee member on the old council.

Yes you were - that is expired

You need to fill out a new adult application - if for 3 Rivers put 137113970 as Member ID so you do not get a fourth one

Yes, but it wasn’t expired when I transferred councils. Our current pack and troop can’t even look me up. Are you saying the solution is filling out another application with the current Troop and Pack?

I do not see you ever having an application in 3 rivers - just Lion Partner

2 years ago when we moved here I submitted transfer paperwork at the same time as my Boy Scout and Bear Cub Scout.

@AngelaHoerner - the membership has an annual expiration and if not in a position in the unit you would have moved from lion to tiger adult partner… or at least that is how I remember it then dropped off of non-paid adult listings.

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Okay. I am filling out a new application. Thank you.

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@AngelaHoerner - make sure it is the adult application and one for each unit.

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