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It looks like my son’s account is missing a start date. How do I enter that date in Scoutbook? I went to the Youth Profile in Internet Advancement. On the left, I clicked on [DATE], but the section just goes blank with no date option.

Thanks in advance.

Are you referring to the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” program?

What path are you taking to get to it? Are you trying to get there via Scoutbook (Edit Profile)? Or are you logging in at my.scouting and then going to Internet Advancement?

I login to Then, I click on my son’s name and then Edit Profile. This opens a new tab with a red banner and Internet Advancement Youth Profile across the top. Below Internet Advancement is a tan box with his name, rank, number of merit badges, and “Date Joined Scouts BSA [DATE]” When I click on [DATE], the tan box goes blank and there is nothing to click.

This is an issue because when I check the OA Eligibility Report, it says that it cannot calculate without a joining date.

@AdamHuck have you tried a Private/Incognito Window?

Yes, same issue and result.

@AdamHuck I think that the path you take matters.

Try logging in at my.scouting, then click on:

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

Then select your Scout and see if you can change it. You might need to change your role to parent/

I tried that, too. Same result.

@AdamHuck - do you also have a role in the unit ? If so there will be different options in the upper right where the unit/role is shown.

OK, it worked. I am not sure if it was because I was in a different role (troop vs. parent) or if it was because I used a different computer. Thank you everyone for your help!

Troop role solved it

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