Not being a able to select units to multiple in

I know this was mentioned earlier but I am praying that a fix is coming or someone has a workaround

Units who are behind in doing their charter (expired 12/31) who are now trying to complete cannot multiple members into units that are also behind because they do not show up in the selector list It has turned into a jigsaw puzzle trying to get some units through by ensuring someone else submits first but then they have the same problem with another unit

Anyone figure a way around this or have heard of a fix?

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I have a unit on this situation. I plan to continue following up with the developers until it’s fixed.

There are at least four units in council 576 in this situation – one ship, three troops. And those are just the ones we know of.

First report came shortly after 1000CT January 6. At that time, the ship had 3 troops and zero crews to select from. By 1800CT the next day, the first troop had 94 troops and 3 crews to select from.

No response yet on our JIRA ticket.

Has anyone heard anything about resolving this issue? We have quite a few units stuck on this problem without any response to our ticket.

It’s still not resolved.

Any plans to extend the Feb. 28 deadline for units dropping? If they can’t complete recharter until the software works, it seems unreasonable for them to drop.

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I’ll check. Since we aren’t even half-way through the grace period, I doubt IT is ready to throw in the towel, though.

Last I heard there were no plans to extend. The National Registrar has said to pick another unit as it does not do an actual validation. Just make sure the unit person is primary in is actually rechartering and paying for that person.

And then after recharter has been processed for both units, the leader can use my.scouting to add the multiple registration in the other unit.

That only helps if it’s not a required position. In my case, my COR is actually paid by another unit in a different council. Ron’s workaround is to list them as a multiple but don’t worry about getting the unit right.

@RonFedele Does that mean the council registrar has to verify it manually?

From what was explained there should be a way to reconcile after all charters are posted to ensure everyone paid

They had better start thinking about it. Given the current situation I doubt if we will be anything close.