Not receiving emails from my sons’s den leader and cubmaster

My son’s BSA # 14023476 and I have joined scoutbook with my account on Jan 5,2022. . My account (14073598) has been activated and linked with my son’s per confirmation on the phone (when I called the Houston office - 713-659-8111).
Unfortunately I am still not receiving messages from my son’s den leader (den 9) and pack leader (pack 616). I have reached out to them but have not heard back.Can anyone help me with this query and who I should reach out? Thanks

I would suggest that the den leader and Cubmaster try sending messages just to you with the BCC off, so that they can check your email address to make sure it’s correct.

One of my unit parents had this issue because their scout had been assigned the parent’s email address when the scout was registered. Fixing that (one of the SUAC was able to help) fixed the problem.

I’m not seeing any obvious issues behind the scenes. Does you name show up in the send messages screen in the parents section?