Parent Getting Event Invites, Not Messages

Hey all. I have a parent that is included as an invitee in Den and Pack events (they were in my Den/Pack last year), however they are not currently receiving messages, and are having a difficult time even logging into SB and registering their Scouts this year (separate issues pending resolution). Thoughts on why this is happening, or how to fix it?

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If you post the parent’s BSA member number or Scoutbook userID, we can take a look. We do not need names.

I’ve reached out to the parent for this info. Thanks.

BSA number: 135792219

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@JoshuaMorlock She had 2 Scoutbook accounts, but they have been merged.

She should log in to Scoutbook with her my.scouting username and password – not her e-mail address.

I’ll pass it along. She should be able to log in to Scoutbook now, though?

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