Our CubScout transitioned to Boys Scouts: he is not receiving Troop emails from ScoutBook

Hi gurus,
Our son transitioned from CubScouts to Boys Scouts earlier this year. While my husband and I both successfully receive Troop emails sent via ScoutBook, our son does not. We have maintained his Gmail address in his profile (visible in both ScoutBook and in his Youth Profile on advancements.scouting.org/).
His BSA# is 135437462

I’m assuming there are some additional initial steps we as Parents have to follow to allow him to receive emails and communicate as well following the BSA guidelines.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks in advance.

@KrisMullinax I would recommend creating an account for your son at my.scouting. Be sure to use his full name (no nicknames). I recommend creating a user name that is not an e-mail address.

After the new account is created, have him log in at Scoutbook.


Also ask the unit if they have added your son to calendar events if they use the calendar to send reminders. Scoutbook does not automatically add new members to existing events.

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