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I have a Pack parent who shows as having No Emails selected for his son, Adam (SB User ID:
11919855 BSA Member ID: 137385668). He does have a Scout in a Troop as well, so I’m not sure if that has complicated his issue.

The parent’s information is *. We are Pack 444 in Crossroads of America Council, Fall Creek District. His other son is in Troop 276 and this is what he sees for that - His SB User ID: 10181335 Previous BSA Member ID: 136363753.

Could you please help me get this sorted out and allow him to get emails again?

I will take a look at it

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Mom, dad, and older brother all had multiple accounts. I was able to merge them for mom and brother. But dad is registered in the troop with MID 14248313, but listed as a parent of the scout in your pack with MID 137385669. Please ask your council to pick one and move either his registered position or his parent relationship.

Further, he has two different usernames. I’m going to assume he wants the one that’s his first initial and last name without the number after it and retire the other.

I have otherwise fixed it so he should receive emails going forward and also assumed your council chooses to keep the MID that has his registered position with the troop, if they keep the other one, we will probably need to do more work to switch the MID on the scoutbook account and username.

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