Not Receiving Notice When Scout and MB Counselor Connect

Our troop is using this feature for the first time. Our Committee Chair recently helped connect a Scoutbook MB counselor and a scout in our troop. I thought the Scoutmaster and Advancement Chair were supposed to be notified when this happens, but I didn’t receive any kind of notification. I only know this is happening because the Committee Chair and the MB counselor told me. How can we make sure the Scoutmaster and I are being notified?

(We are both listed as Scoutbook key three.)

did the Chair make the connection? You only get notice when the MBC makes the connection themself. It sounds to me like the Chair went in (as admin) and made the connection.

Yes, the CC made the connection. So that answers that question.

If the MB counselor is able to make a connection himself/herself, how is that allowed when the Scoutmaster (or person he appoints) is supposed to have a conversation with the scout and issue the blue card?

The MBC should be asking (and I think there is a prompt in the process) if the Scout has had that conversation.

Not all units use Scoutbook. This capability allows MBCs to use Scoutbook to record the Scout’s progress. As Donovan said, the MBC should be asking the Scout if he/she has had a conversation with the unit leader prior to working on the MB with the MBC. This is no different than the MBC asking for the signed Blue Card before starting to work with the Scout.

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